Because it’s an Indmar, there is very little required maintenance and when you need maintenance we have over 1,800 locations to service you.

No matter where you are in the world one of Indmar’s Certified Technicians can provide you with a first-class experience and professional service.

Indmar personally trains and certifies each of their authorized technicians.

[un_callout title_custom=”true” title_size=”un-title-l” title_transf=”text-upp” title_weight=”font-w-900″ align=”text-c” title=”REDUCED COST OF OWNERSHIP” title_color=”#ffffff” after=”The Raptor Series performance, efficiency and durability are exceeding expectations on every level. From 20% fuel efficiency and ease of routine maintenance to an industry first 5-year factory warranty.
Here are a few of our service advantages and how Team Indmar has succeeded in reducing the total cost of ownership. ” after_color=”#ffffff”]


Routine Maintenance is painless thanks to Indmar’s easily accessible remote mounted oil filter, quick drain oil system, hi-mounted oil fill and hi-mounted components.

In addition, a premium monitoring system comes standard which aids technicians in a more accurate and quicker diagnostic.


For added convenience, these components are hi-mounted for easy access:

Oil Filter
Fuse Box
Heater Hose
Diagnostic Connector
Inlet Air Temperature Sensor
Flame Arrestor


The standard closed cooling systems makes winterization a snap with self-draining manifolds. There are five easy access drain plugs.

Technicians do not have to drain the block, only the heat exchanger, raw pump and transmission.

The raw water pump is also self-draining.

[un_callout title_custom=”true” title_size=”un-title-l” title_transf=”text-upp” title_weight=”font-w-900″ align=”text-c” title=”SERVICE INTERVALS” title_color=”#ffffff” after=”It is extremely important for the long-term performance of your Indmar Marine Engine that you have your engine serviced according to its regular maintenance intervals.
Check your maintenance manual, download the 2017 2018 model year maintenance schedule below or consult your authorized Indmar Dealer for specific maintenance requirements and recommendations.” after_color=”#ffffff”]


When it’s time to maintenance your Indmar, head to your local Indmar dealer to see one of there Certified Service Technicians. Nobody knows your inboard marine engine better.

A Certified Service Center will have the latest and most advanced diagnostic equipment available and use only genuine Indmar parts and service products that will keep your engine running just like the day you bought it.