Fuel Pump Indmar 556014 Conversion Kit

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Indmar KIT FUEL PUMP CONVERSION MALIB, Indmar OEM Replacement Fuel Pump Conversion Kit, Indmar Part# S495117 or 495117, The 556014 fuel Pump was used on Indmar 1996-2002 Indmar Engines, SAEJ1171 Coast Gaurd / Marine Certified, See below reference chart for fuel pressure specifications on your application., DOES NOT CROSS WITH ANY OTHER PARTS, THIS IS A INDMAR OEM PUMP ONLY MADE JUST FOR INDMAR, NOTE: expected ETA from Indmar on availability is Mid August. (Last ETA update from Indmar was 8-22-2016), In spring 2016 the 556014 fuel pump was discontinued from the manufacture and was no longer produced. This fuel pump conversion kit will replace most applications of the Indmar 556014 fuel pump used on Indmar Engines from 1996-2002.

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