Indmar personally trains and certifies each of our authorized service technicians to ensure that we deliver a first class ownership experience, from the engines quality and performance, to the buying and ownership experience. We recommend all Indmar Marine Engines to be serviced by an authorized Indmar Service Center as an Indmar Service Center can provide you with the most up-to-date expertise on the components that keep your engine running just like the day you bought it.

If you are in need of technical assistance, click the button below to locate your local Indmar Service Center. Simply select the boat brand of your choice and your location and we will provide you with a list of Service Centers and their full contact information. Be sure to look for the Platinum Certified Service Center badge when making your selection.

Just because we are the world’s largest inboard marine engine manufacturer doesn’t mean that we are untouchable, while we can not sell you parts direct and we will have to rely on your local dealer to handle any maintenance needs you may have – you are still welcome to contact Team Indmar directly.

If you are seeking an inboard engine supplier or have a project that our facilities could fulfill, please email or call us on 1800-557-398 or fill out the form…