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The Sunsport 21V is the latest introduction to the most...

The Sunsport 21V is the latest introduction to the most rider friendly brand of boats on the water. This 21V has classic Supra features and extra deep feel, while still providing the next generation of technology and edgy styling.

It all starts with the proven Supra Ride System. The exclusive Supra Deep Drop V Keel, puts more boat in the water than any other 21 foot performance tow boat on the market, and has a keel deadrise of almost 45 degrees. While most competitors have an entry angle of closer to 30 degrees, this extra V really slices through rough water, providing more comfort and a better piece of mind for everyone in the boat.

For the first time, the 21V is being offered in a Sunsport package with a full true walk-through bow. With this boat already being extra deep compared to its length, the walk-through bow is great for small passengers or for those that think deeper is always better. And don’t forget about storage, because we definitely didn’t. At Supra we realize our boats are used for more than just wakeboarding and slalom skiing. We design them to be enjoyable all day, and without abundant storage, that would not be possible.

Also new for 2011, is the Supra VISION system. This system, which stands for Video Information System with Integrated Onboard Network, sets the standard for enhancing the driving experience. Based on a super high resolution 6.5 inch LCD display, the system includes GPS chartplotting, Zero Off GPS cruise system, selectable user profiles that include automatic SmartPlate and ballast controls with gauge levels, a dedicated multimedia page and speed based volume control, as well as full time engine monitoring. While that might sound complicated, the true beauty is in the user interface of the VISION system. Driving a Supra is as simple as turning the key, advancing throttle and having fun. The VISION system does all the work and all the driver has to do is take compliments for doing a great job.

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