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Pro riders gravitate towards this sleek 24-footer for the accommodating...

Pro riders gravitate towards this sleek 24-footer for the accommodating 17-person interior as much as the performance and wakes. Theres a lot to be said for a plush place to recover and professional riders like Amber Wing are on board with Supras style of comfort. Amber especially appreciated the comfort and the performance of her Supra this year while she trained for and won Queen of Wake and Best Womens Rider. The wide seating gives you the ability to kick back and slide into the luxurious interior with full support. Double-up convertible rear-facing seats take the strain out of being a spectator. Of course when its game on, riders want to be behind the 242 where the Gravity III ballast system swells to an industry-leading 1700 pounds, the SmartPlate refines shape and the wakes Launch. Take the reigns on all of this performance with the VISION dash controlling speed, wake size, wake shape and tailoring those settings for specific riders. The Supra Launch 242 is the ride of your life inside and out.

Performance. Comfort. Air. With the New 242, it’s all big!

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