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The Sunsport 24 just might be the best big family...

The Sunsport 24 just might be the best big family boat for the money on the water. Especially when you consider how easy it is to load up to 16 people- and all their gear- into this 24-foot luxury craft, and offer them the ride, and time, of their lives.

The walk-through bow design provides everyone on board plenty of room along with eliminating the need to stand on upholstery to get in and out of the boat. There’s carpeted storage everywhere. And two new, more spacious coolers, one under the steps and one under the port seat add more convenience to all the luxury on board. Plus, a new dash, glove box and driver seat add both style and improved visibility for the driver.

The 24 comes with Supra Sports Seating to make sure you catch all the high-flying action no matter where you sit in the boat. And like all Supras, dramatic and effective stain resistance is provided by syntec vinyl with Nano-technology throughout the cabin. The beauty and durability of the 24 is further enhanced by using UV-resistant Gore Tenera® thread.

Add some heart-pounding sounds to the high-flying action with the standard AM/FM/CD/Sirus ready/MP3 compatible Kenwood head unit, easy-to-use glove box iPOD MP3 adapter, six Kicker speakers and 2-channel amp.

Big, yet nimble, the 24 delivers a huge performance. The V-Drive configuration and unique Supra hull provide a silky ride- even through chop. The prop is tucked well under the boat for extra safety in the water. Plus, the maneuverability of the 24V at both high and low speeds is greatly enhanced by our oversized rudder.

With all the built-in luxury and all the options you get for the money – the Sunsport 24V isn’t just large, it’s huge.

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