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Sexy Styling with a Bad Attitude "Ever since Supra released...

Sexy Styling with a Bad Attitude

“Ever since Supra released its standard Launch, riders have dreamed about a Launch V-Drive. Well it’s time to wake up and ride!” – WaterSki Magazine

The Launch SSV is sexy styling with a bad attitude. It combines the definition of a wakeboard boat and the definition of a Supra, delivering the performance demanded by today’s top riders. Rock steady speed, straight-line tracking, and wakes with transition and size will destroy any excuses behind the boat. Throttle response from the Indmar Assault engine with the most standard horsepower in the industry, agile handling and a truly comfortable driver’s station make driving almost as desirable as riding. With the built-in ballast system and optional hydraulic wakeplate, the wakes can be fine tuned on the fly to suit personal performance or to compensate for load conditions.

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Aditya Kadam

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