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You’re looking at the preferred ride of legendary pros like...

You’re looking at the preferred ride of legendary pros like Sanders, Greenwood and Hansen. An agile 6,000 lbs. (with factory ballast filled) athlete that delivers crisp, well-shaped wakes that stay clean for riders who ride from 65’ to 85’.

An incredibly smooth, sleek ride begins with the unique Supra hull – the deepest hull in its class and part of the one and only Supra Ride System. The exclusive feature that elevates the performance of Supra boats above all other tournament wakeboard boats. Straight-line tracking, time to plane and speed control are constantly optimized for you with the Supra Ride System, while up to 8 individual rider pre-sets for wake shape, symmetry and hole shot are a simple push button away.

You can load up to 16 friends into this enormous craft, and offer them nothing but luxury and comfort in all types of weather and water conditions. The playpen bow alone has enough room for three adults to stretch out, with deep storage under every cushion. There’s a massive cooler and, of course, Supra Sports Seating makes sure everyone on board can catch all the high-flying action no matter where you sit in the boat.

For the driver, a new dash and glove box add both style and visibility.

Like all Supras for 2009, dramatic and effective stain resistance for the 24SSV is provided by Syntec vinyl with Nano-technology throughout the cabin. The beauty and durability is further enhanced by using UV-resistant Gore Tenara® thread exclusively to provide extra strength to all stitches and seams. And, for an ultra clean interior, order the optional snap-in carpet on the 24SSV, or any other Supra Model.

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