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Supra's unrivaled wakeboard boat. All the agility of a smaller...

Supra’s unrivaled wakeboard boat. All the agility of a smaller boat with all the weight and solidness of our 24. The maneuverability of the 22 at both high and low speeds is the perfect compliment to the massive, tournament quality wakes it kicks out, making the 22 the boat of choice for professional wakeboarders and wake surfers, as well as pro division WWA World Championship Wakeskaters.

A true rider’s boat, the playpen design provides everyone on board a great viewof the action in great comfort from multiple locations. Versatile double-up and triple-up seating provides rear-facing seating that gives up to six spectators a perfect view of all the rider’s high-flying action.

For the driver, the Supra Helm Station adds all the visibility, styling and sex appeal you would expect to find in a boat this ambitious and aggressive. Including a performance oriented Digital Dash with bright blue digital readouts for greater visibility in all types of light and the fully integrated PerfectPass™ System which remembers the driver’s preferred speed and holds it to within 0.2 mph.

If your perfect day is an entire day on the water, you’ve just met the perfect boat to help you get off to a flying start.

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