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The Launch 22SSV, Supra's unrivaled wakeboard boat, has been redesigned...

The Launch 22SSV, Supra’s unrivaled wakeboard boat, has been redesigned from the hull up. Now, it’s 10″ longer, 5″ wider and 550 lbs. heavier with 1,450 lbs. of factory installed ballast. What better news could a hardcore wake boarder get?

Massive, tournament quality wakes with big meaty walls and firm lips are yours for the waiting. And what an athlete – the agility of a smaller boat all with the weight and solidness of our 24SSV. The maneuverability of the 22SSV at both high and low speeds is greatly enhanced by our new oversized rudder.

The playpen design, with seven rear-facing seats and a two-person love seat behind the driver, provides everyone on board a great view of the action in great comfort from multiple locations. There’s also a flip up seat with super deep basement storage under the playpen. And the newly redesigned Supra Helm Station adds all the visibility, styling and sex appeal you would expect to find in a boat this ambitious and aggressive.

If your perfect day is an entire day on the water, you’ve just met the perfect boat to help you relish every moment.

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