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The Launch 20, new for 2006, combines refined style and...

The Launch 20, new for 2006, combines refined style and radical performance, providing the perfect wake and three-event thrills for riders of all skill levels. The superior side-to-side adjustability and first-rate agility of the Launch 20 combine for a smooth, controllable ride. Boarders and skiers can also fine-tune the ride to their liking with the adjustable wake plate. Which means that finally, big boat performance is available in the 20-foot class.

The Launch 20 also features an awesome interior, with standard comforts like increased seating capacity and a new ‘Box Seat’ position behind the driver’s seat. For drivers, the new ergonomically designed dash and armrest provide supreme comfort and control. And a billet-clad swivel board rack, cooler under the Box Seat and large front and rear storage compartments let you stow everything but the kitchen sink for a fun and hassle-free day.

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