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The Launch 20SSV is a tournament quality wakeboard boat for...

The Launch 20SSV is a tournament quality wakeboard boat for the fearless, high-flying competitor. Though small and lake friendly at 20′ 8″, this V-Drive boat is all wake. Clean, best-in-class wakes with a nice ramp and firm lip on the magnitude of those kicked up by the much bigger Launch 24.

The 20SSV also gives you the agility and maneuverability of a smaller craft, and the uncompromising comfort and style of a Supra. Wraparound seating, a walk-through bow with bow filler cushion and a massive sundeck invite passengers to spread out and relax. The sundeck step-way makes entrance and exit from the boat a breeze. Its unique Swivel Bench gives you the option to turn a side-facing seat into a 2-person rear-facing seat without loss of storage capacity.

The massive, performance-oriented Digital Dash features bright blue digital readouts for greater visibility in all types of light and the fully integrated PerfectPass™ System which remembers the driver’s preferred speed and holds it to within 0.2 mph.

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