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Hailed by WaterSki magazine as "one of the few really...

Hailed by WaterSki magazine as “one of the few really great slalom boats, with an upscale feel and world-class wakes,” the Supra Comp is an awesome experience at either end of the rope. It starts with our exclusive STII hull, a three-stage design that has a deep “V” bow for slicing effortlessly through the roughest chop, modified “V” mid-section for stability and better tracking, then has a flattened stern with slow-speed and spray relief pockets for better skiability even on a short rope.

Our adjustable wake plate lets you fine tune wakes to perfection, whether you’re running a slalom course, working on your trick run or feeling the need to barefoot. And Comp’s perfect performance doesn’t end in the water. The totally redesigned interior is nothing short of luxurious. Premium G&T vinyls look and feel just like real leather, so sink into the plush upholstery, then check out the extra thick 40-ounce carpeting throughout. This is the definition of luxury, and once you’ve experienced it, you’ll never settle for anything less again. The Comp is practical, too, with added storage, a more driver-friendly cockpit design for the dash, and seats designed for enhanced comfort, visibility and safety. Plenty of leg room for your riders, too. A matching custom designed trailer with disk brakes and AWSA approval come standard.

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